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Club Rentals

Pool Rental Policy

There are several options available for SARC members to rent the pool area. Reservations are made through the Pool Manager(s) at least two weeks in advance to allow for adequate guard coverage. No reservations will be taken without a rental contract filled out and payment of fee (and deposit where applicable). All fees and deposits will be checks made payable to SARC except for the After Hours guard payment that is made directly to the guards. Rentals are made only to members 21 years or older. There is no After Hours rental on Friday night. SARC functions have first date priority. The pool remains open for all members with the exception of SARC social functions and After Hours rentals. The pool does not close early for rentals.

Make your Reservation:

  1. Contact Ed Stempien to determine availability
  2. Download the appropriate rental contract located at the bottom of this page.
  3. Summit the contract along with payment either by mail or in person at SARC. 
Once confirmed, your rental will be added to the schedule.  

During Pool Hours Rental Fees:  

  • $50 for 2 hours with 2 picnic tables reserved
  • 10 nonmembers (includes adults & children)
  • No more than 2 rentals booked at a time

Please fill out the Rental Contract and submit with payment either by mail or in person at SARC.

After Hours Rental Fees:

  • $200 fee to SARC
  • $200 deposit to SARC
  • 100 maximum attendance
  • Minimum 2 guards on duty
  • 1 guard required for every 25 guests
  • Payment to guards - $15 / hour per guard is 2018 rate
  • Rental time is 9pm - 12.
  • If party is intended for an under 21year old crowd, adult chaperones are required with a minimum of one adult for every 25 youths. No alcohol will be allowed.

Please fill out the After Hours Rental Contract  and submit with payment either by mail or in person at SARC.

Off Season Club Rental

Make your Reservation:

  1. Contact Ed Stempien (edstempien@aol.com) to determine availability.
  2. Download and complete the Off Season Rental Agreement.
  3. Summit the completed Agreement along with payment as instructed on the Off Season Rental Contract.

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